Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kaylee's 11th Birthday Party....

This sweet girl was so OK with having her 11th birthday party, in a hospital.  I felt like it just wasn't enough for her but I also knew that things would only get busier for us and so we needed to do it ASAP.
She was really excited when her uncle Danny and his friend Nicole showed up early. Nicole wanted to put colored extensions in her hair and a feather.
So pretty!

We enjoyed food. Thankfully Benny cooked the main dish for us!

She was very happy to see everyone since she had been gone for so long!

My silly kids!!

We did the birthday cake and song!

Than she opened presents.

She got a an American Girl Doll bed from us, along with the phone she got earlier! Kaylee will also be doing a friend party when things get close to normal around here.


tHEsIXpACK said...

lovin the new bed spread Drea. Happy Birthday to Kaylee! That seems to be quite the turn out even thought it was in a hospital room! Love you guys!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Kaylee's 11th Birthday Party took my heart away. Everything was perfect from the theme to colors and cake, what else could you have chosen? I too need some inspirations for my daughter’s 12th birthday bash. She wants it to be special so I am thinking to host a themed party at one of the outdoor LA venues.