Saturday, August 4, 2012

More hospital days...

Henlee had his first sleepover at Holly's one night. He loved to spend time with Bell and Baby Sam. They got lunch to eat at the park, than came to see me. Thanks for having him!

My last picture from Kaylee before she was headed home!

One night we were a "Parent Pizza Night". It were the families can come once a week to talk about how their babies in the NICU are doing. Since I have been here so long they have been inviting us. Henlee really wanted to throw pennies into the fountains and kept asking to leave so he could. After the dinner we went down to do it. When we came back up, to our surprise a bag full of toys and pennies was on the bed. Henlee was super happy about this!

This was the same night Kaylee was to come home! Although she was suppose to come home the night before, but lightning and weather from Denver to SLC was not clear, they would not allow her on the flight. That made for another long day.
But Matt and Henlee headed to the airport late that night. We got her some Welcome Home gift and decorated the door.
I made a sign for them to take with them. Henlee held it, while waiting for his Sissy! They were so happy to see each other!

When she got here so ran to my arms! I missed her so much! These silly kids couldn't get their giggles out even though it was past midnight! They slept in the same bed, just laughing and joking around! I think I fell asleep before them! That's them fake sleeping BTW.

Henlee likes to organize his toys now. He tends to keep his room clean so I wasn't to surprised when I told him to clean up his toys here, that he put them in organized piles!

 Before Machel was headed home, we got a good visit in with her. Kaylee was happy to see her.
Kaylee got to walk over to Henlee's preschool from the hospital to pick him up. She was very helpful and he was so happy to see her!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

holy crazy times! I miss those faces!