Saturday, July 7, 2012


On June 5th, we were scheduled to have a second sonogram with these babies. It was with a specialist who deals with multiple births, called a perinatologist. Matt met me at the hospital, Matt's Mom was on her break so she came up, and Mindy was visiting her dad, who was now a patient there because he broke his back....

I figured this sonogram was going to be better than the first cause it was suppose to be more detailed and I really wasn't feeling the first one we had cause I didn't really care for my doctor. Even though it was special in its own way.

The tech came in and said she can tell us what she is looking at but can't tell us any details...she went about her way and I loved this moment. Every inch of our babies was on display! Everything seemed great! They had four chambers, you could see them pumping, they had cute toes and fingers, they even showed us them in 3D!! Everything you hope for!
She left to get the doctor. Dr. Gamin came in and told us that they look great, went through some details, and than making little conversation, started asking about our family. How many kids we have, where we live etc.
Small talk seemed to be turning into some other kind of talk.
She then proceeded to tell us that, we have a rare set of twins called Monoamniotic-Monochorionic OR MONO twins...
A normal set of twin will have two separate sacks, our set, shares the same sack. Our twins are like the diagram on the left....

Click on the link to learn more!

She continues to say that with these kind of twins, you can run across more problems because they share the same space and placenta. They have the chance of tangling their umbilical cord around each other, one not getting enough from the placenta as the other one can, even transfusing blood, and with a 50% mortality rate. She then told us that I would need to be hospitalized for the duration of my pregnancy!
 I instantly think of my kids at home....I'm heart broken I can't spend the summer with them, I'm worried about where they will go, I'm nervous they won't understand...all these thoughts pour through my mind...and than I get scared that I'm going to loose one or both of these babies I'm caring...this moment has become overwhelming!

The girls at 25 weeks!

We leave the sonogram after we get further details and decide that one last night home, spent with the kids would be good for all of us. We were to check in early morning the next day.
We went home and sat our kids down to tell them the news. We tried to assure them that our babies were going to be OK because I would have all the care I needed there. Kaylee seemed to grasp it for the most part and cried, while Henlee kept saying that he only wants "our babies not to die" Matt and I did our best to help them understand that everything should work out!

After the shock of this news and after making several phone calls, we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and watched a movie together.
I dreaded the night coming to an end and wanted everyone to stay awake...I seemed to be the only one that couldn't sleep much.

The next morning was an early one! We got to the hospital around 8:00 am. Our new "home" is a corner room with a pretty decent view. The Penthouse Suite!! LOL The biggest room on this floor, which I needed!

I was pretty quickly hooked up to the monitor to see how the babies were doing. They monitor their heart rate at this point all day.
My kids were cozied up next to me!

I had visitors that same day! Sandra and her family stopped by, Nancy brought me flowers, and my sister Jody drove up from St. George once she heard the news! She was great to have around!

Mindy was also there to see me!


Henlee saved this spot as his bed....

While Matt fell asleep on half of the couch....

Here's to many more days in Room 503!!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

Never a dull moment around you I swear it! Seriously so lucky to call you my family! These twins must be pretty amazing for God to plant them in your life. I love you and can't wait to be an Aunt of TWINS! =]