Monday, August 1, 2011


Last Saturday, for the Utah holiday, the 24th, we got invited to go with Jeana & some friends to the Liberty Memorial swimming pool in Provo. We had lots of fun!

Henlee & Kaylee loved going down the slides & I loved that it wasn't as crowded as the Peaks. I think we will get a pass here next year. With the Pass of All Passes, its crazy busy everywhere else....

After the big swim we went to Jeana's house for pizza!

Jeana gave Nancy & I these super sweet shoes! Which we all happened to wear to the BBQ later that night.

It was for our friend Shawna & for the 24th. There were some pretty cool fireworks!

Good times & a fun, busy weekend!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

your family rocks! Provo pool looks like fun!!