Monday, August 1, 2011

Camping We Did Go....

We decided to go camping since in Utah, some people actually get the Monday after the 24th weird! So those that didn't have to work, packed up to go into American Fork Canyon!

And boy did we go up...Way to the top!

The kids were playing around and "catching" each other!

And Kaylee caught a TimmY!

The kids loved that they could hangout with Kujo!

Henlee was dancing around!

Matt was one of those people that couldn't make it...we missed him but were safe in Hotel Copes (Tim & Nancy's tent)! Thanks for sharing your space!

We woke up, packed up, ready to leave, to find that I had a flat tire....

Good thing Tim was there to save the day!!

With lots of hard work and force, Tim got my spare tire on.
Going down the rocky mountain with a spare, to only have my car start to overheat...
we went slow and put water in for antifreeze. It started to overheat again, but luckily we were headed to Holly's house so Jess could look at it! Apparently the cap was loose & we haven't had problems since & the tire had a nail in it. Glad I had family to help us!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

Bummer Matt missed it! Hooray for Tim! What crappy luck.. glad you came home safe.