Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It has been 10 years since I was in high school! I thought that I would go to the reunion and check it out..It was at the Governors Mansion in SLC. I actually went to high school with the Governors son, Brad Herbert. Matt thought the only cool part was that we could say we had been in the Governors Mansion and were checked in by sherriffs...

It was my first time seeing my Senior yearbook. I thought I wasn't even in it since I left half way through the year...but to my surprise, I was!

Look at that hair!

I didn't take pictures really, I thought they would have some posted on the website by now, but they don't....I'll try to post some later if I'm in any...other than that, it was a different kind of time. I small talked with people but most of my friends weren't there. I can say that I went and that I tried it out! At least I was there with someone, my best friend was there by my side, making me laugh!

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