Monday, January 31, 2011

Murder Mystery....

Saturday, January 29th

I had remembered Momma B saying that she would love to do some type of murder mystery thing one for her birthday we planned to surprise her by going to a restaurant that contracts out with a place called, Hunt Mystery Dinner! Well do to other things we weren't able to take her till this last Saturday!

Heart her!

Here we are waiting to go to the dinner....

The dinner theatre was pretty cool. As you waited for your server, the cast would come around & sit at your table. Then they would act a bit of the play, then come back around the table so you could eat. It all made they did it. But we were allowed to ask them questions to try and figure out how & who did it etc.

This is the cast....

The one in the tux was our favorite guy to talk to, he even sat down & ate dinner with us. It was like an intermission.

It was so hard to figure it out, even with the "clues"!

The lady to the right killed the guy in the bottom middle! He was SO funny during the play! Such funny lines. No worries though, they do new shows so you won't know the answer. Matt guessed her but didn't put his name....they do give prizes for right answers.

They even had audience participation....Kaylee got dragged up there first. I was trying to grab my camera out of my purse when I see Matt getting pulled up there to! LOL.

This is the best I could do(camera was in the depths of my purse) so by the time I got to the video....they were done.....:( SAD FACE!!

All & all it was tons of fun!!!! We had a blast! I believe we would all do it again!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

haha awkward fun is hilarious! Such agreat DIL you are ;P Everyone looks great!