Monday, February 7, 2011

Silly & Super...

On Friday we went with Danny & his friend Kevin to Classic....
These 2 guys are just to much! Its a pretty funny time!

They were tired & layed down.....but kids were bored by this point.

What better thing to do then attack the men!!

I was glad Kaylee had a friend to hangout with!
She really enjoys Eliza & it has helped in the transition.

The SUPER Bowl......

Our plans went back & forth all week!
But eventually we decided that we would just stay home & have my dad over.

It was great! I made wings, guacamole, & rotell dip(a tradition, we got from Kansas, which is at EVERY event)

How cute is this boy!!

After taking picture's with Grandpa & Me, Henlee decided that the camera was his....

So everyone got a CLOSE up shot from Henlee!!

Close up shots make everyone look a little goofy!!

It all stems from Aunt Jeana.....She lets him take pictures on her phone. She says every time he leaves after she is with him, she has to delete some photo's, but keeps some cause she loves him....AAWWEEE!!

My Kids are great!! They had fun with Grandpa & playing mostly!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

good old classic! Loved the fort, it looked huge! Happy super bowl! HI PAPA D! Loved the close ups Henlee! Drea your beautiful!