Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Day +...

Tuesday, November 23

We were trying to get something related to Thanksgiving done before Kaylee was to head out to Kansas for the holiday.

We made "Turkey cookies"!! We only managed to get a few done before she was whisked away after school....

On Wednesday we were out doing some light shopping when I got a phone call from my sister Jeana....Nancy, Desmond & her were on there way out of town. I had missed it so I went to call her back. She said that they had been in an accident, everything was ok, but they would need a ride home. She then proceeded to tell me that they did roll over and Nancy was still being checked out at the hospital & would call me back.
As I waited for the call we started getting things ready to go to Price where they were.! The roads were not great but it was SO cold that our wiper fluid was freezing up. By the time we got there they were waiting for us at the car towing place.
A lady was on her way to Provo with her family, saw what happened and knowing nobody had service used her Onstar to get help. This same lady owned a towing company in Price and arranged for the car to be towed, drove back to Price and fed my sisters homemade chicken noodle soup! What a Miracle worker!!
I know my sisters are grateful for all the help they received, especially from Joann

The car was totalled but all my family had were a few bumps & scratches!! I know there must have been One Special Angel holding them though it all! I don't know if I could have handled much more this week! Let alone getting a 'different' type of phone call. I am so grateful I heard my sisters voice on the other end of that phone line!

T-Day...Matt, Henlee, & I went to Momma B's & Pappa B's House!! Mom has been of & on with her health so I was glad I went early so I could be more help. It was great to cook with someone!! I am so use to going to a friends &/Or cooking our own family dinner by myself!! Thanks Mom for the memories, the lessons taught & the YUMMY food!!

After the Brady's house we made our way to the Despain's Thanksgiving. My mom had fallen the night before & wasn't up to par so I took over with my dad by my side! I planned to do most of the decorating and bring my dishes.

This table was small but there was SO much LOVE, GRATITUDE, & LAUGHTER here! After the prayer, we toasted to the typical Thanksgiving things, except for the AMAZING miracle of life!! Although my sisters are in some pain & were scared they had their life!

Love you babe! Thanks for all your help with this one!

The Little Guy eating only dessert....Whip Cream (don't let the pumpkin pie fool ya)

We missed you Kaylee!!!

This was the kids table!

They had fun drawing while we ate! :)

This year it was wonderful to be home! We can't express how grateful we are to be here in these moments! This crowd may have gotten smaller but we are happy to share it with our family! We love you all & are truly grateful to have you in our lives again!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

I love you sis! Seeing the crash pics made me cry :( Im so sad we weren't there this year.