Friday, August 3, 2012

Sister Visit 2012...

Its been quiet the schedule change this year for our 2nd Annual Sister Visit.
Originally planned for August, in California, they changed it for me because they thought it would be difficult with newborn twins.
It was rescheduled to July 14 in Park City, only to have me still not able to make it! This weekend was a hard one for me. With this being something I mentioned to start last year and has now become a tradition, then I already have to miss the second one!
It made for a lame stay in the hospital!
Of course, my amazing sisters decide to take the time on Friday to come see me! We got dinner and chatted it up!
Laura and Judy stayed here with me. We played Phase 10 card game till 2:30 in the morning!

But before they all left I got pictures!



Somehow in the mix of things I didn't get on with Judy! :(

The next day they all were in Park City. I received these pictures:

On the way up to the suite!

Nancy and the oven...

Machel cooking dinner

Enjoying dinner

Mrs. Nancy in the hot tub on the balcony of their room!

I was Skypeing on and off with them throughout the night. Here is a picture of us. I even managed to play a card game with them. 
The next day they went shopping at the Outlets. These were the backseat riders
And the front seat riders!

They enjoyed lunch out and all ordered Philly sandwiches! I would have to!

Later that night we Skyped again and I played Bingo with them. The next morning the St. George sister had to be back home early. Sandra left to get back to her kids. These 3 below enjoyed the pool!

Until next year ladies!!! I'll be there with BELLS on!!!

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