Thursday, March 8, 2012

Febuary 16-23, Birthdays, vacations, and decorations...

The next day after Valentine's Day, we celebrated my dads birthday! Matt and I got him tickets to the last BYU basketball game. A gift that gives again cause we got to share a memory with him! We picked him up the next Saturday and enjoyed the win together!
 My first preggo picture! Not much to look at and more to come!

For Presidents weekend, the kids and I headed to St. George. My nephew Josh had his homecoming from his Argentina mission. He did a great job on his talk! We then headed back home. On Monday I dropped the kids off to Jeana and Jody, Josh, and I were on our way to Idaho. Josh was eager to get started going to college at BYU Idaho.

I got a super cute picture of my kids from Jeana...them enjoying lunch at Sizzlers! A day trip with lots of great conversation! I'm happy I'm home to enjoy my sisters company!

Jody & I got right on our DIY projects!!
This cute tulle wreath for the front door! We used Styrofoam piping from Home Depot and tulle. Then hung another sign I got for .88 cents, at Honks.

 We also did a St. Patrick's craft night!
We made the very cute LUCK sign{letters from Hobby Lobby} and the garland {wall clovers in a pack at Honks}....I need to flatten them out though. They have slowly began to curl. I also made the clovers in the vases.{Vases from the dollar store, clovers are paper} 

This garland is made out of the paint swatches at your local hardware store!

I found scrap wood at Home Depot {usually by the saw and cutter they use} for .50, painted it black {actually Jody did since I can't use spray paint}
painted the letters on and glued some leftover clovers from the garland

 Lastly Jody printed out a Subway art from online. The clover in the frame: the frame from the $ store, the clover out of paper, the backing was a page from a book, and a button on top!
We had a great time and I am in love with all my Irish decorations!!
A special thank you to Jody for TOTALLY taking care of things while she was here! It was great to have a break and to just be sick!

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