Sunday, December 4, 2011

Joy's of Christmas...

Our search for a tree this year took longer than the other years. We were on the hunt for a certain kind, Scotch, and for a small one that was tall enough. This tree farm doesn't have as many of Scotch as they do spruce...
I got some shots of the kids looking...and looking...for the tree. Henlee was getting cold and every time we thought we might have found one there was a reason it wouldn't quiet work! Kaylee found one and INSISTED that it was OURS! I kept telling her that it was to big and just wouldn't work, with not very many tree to persuade her with, we gave in!
This is our tree!!
The kids were very helpful in decorating the tree! They both were excited to put up their 1st year Christmas ornament and the ones with there name on it!

When we got home and got it inside we soon realized that this tree was very big!! Kaylee said "but it looked small there" Well, yes Kaylee, that's because its next to a bunch of even bigger trees!! It takes up our whole living room, we had to move the T.V. and even move furniture out of the room for it!

Well decorating this time has been a challenge! I decided to turn on a Christmas movie instead of finishing the tree first and this is what I got....A family that was asleep by 7:00!

This year was Henlee's first time putting the Angel on the tree!
Here is a video of him:

He did great!

This is our completed tree!!
I some how manged to get Matt away from football on Sunday to put up some of the lights!!
While Matt worked on the roof, Jordan & I did the front of the house lights! Team work!! Its often said in this house, that Jordan's height is being taken advantage of! But I would never do that! LOL

Our completed work!

I got a message from the German Brady's that they have a special tradition out in Germany. This explanation of the holiday I got from Mindy's blog:

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th in Germany as well as in other European countries. On the evening before the 6th, children place their newly cleaned shoes in front of the door in the hope that Nicholas might fill them with nuts, fruits, chocolate, and sweets. If the children have behaved well, their wishes will be fulfilled. Children who have caused mischief will receive only a switch, which symbolizes punishment for their bad deeds.

Guess my kids have been good! Thanks for the idea!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

YAY for St Nickolaustag! so happy he came to your house too! And HOLY SNOWFLAKES your tree is JUMBO!! Go big or go home hu?! Very pretty tree! I love the lights outside and your tree on your porch! I love love love it all! Good job Henlee on putting on the angel!