Monday, September 12, 2011

Mr. Mcknight....

My sweet sister Jeana had made plans with Nancy & I three months ago to go to the Brian McNight concert at Scera Shell. The day had finally arrived! We headed to dinner & then to the concert

 He sat the whole time behind his painos and guitar. It was meant to be more inteminate. He was a funny guy, you would never think.
 The only thing I wished for was him to play a whole ssong without a joke or interuption from the crowd etc. How amazing were our seats!!

 By the end of the show I was in front row & did grab his leg{such a teenage moment} and he did touch my hand! LOL As his last song was playing it started to rain. I liked his new song!

I and many others waited in the rain to go back stage. He signed a concert shirt & took this pic with me! He seems like an awesome guy and he still looks good for an older dude!! :)

I feel so lucky to have such great sisters!! I really was like twitter painted meeting him!

I came home to the power out and candles lit to find my family like this...

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tHEsIXpACK said...

Awesome moment for life! :)