Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chuck 2 The Cheeses'...

Moving day came! We wanted to move Saturday but Matt had an unexpected funeral of a co-worker to go to. Friday was the new planned day, so with less help and snow falling, we started moving!

Mr. H was enjoying the little snow (you can't tell here though)

After all the hussle and bussle of getting things moved, we headed to Chuck e Cheese for Belle's birthday party!!

Holly got the kids balloons and attached was these silly straws....the drink even goes through were the eyes are! LOL

Henlee actually wasn't scared of the mouse! :)

They all loved playing games!
even the adults....

Henlee won this game....cause Sissy was nice enough to let him!

We had fun & were glad we got to celebrate with her!!


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tHEsIXpACK said...

Kids and chuck-e-cheese always equals smiles! AWESOME straws! never seen those before! Happy Birthday Isabelle! Holly is glowing =]