Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday!!

But before the party....Kaylee & I had planned to have some Mother/daughter time! Its great to spend some alone time with her! Its important to us to always know each other & be friends.

SSSSSOOOOOO!! What better thing for Miss Kaylee & I to do but go see the new Justin Bieber movie!!

We went & got some treats & drinks and waited anxiously( Kaylee literally counted down the minutes)!!

Her celebrity crush in 3D!!

I can say that I enjoyed the movie! It was such an inspiring story. I can remember seeing Justin on YOUTUBE sing his cover songs and thinking he should or would be famous one day! I then began showing Kaylee what a cute & great singer he was.

The movie is partly about the fact that WE YouTube lovers made him famous.

Kaylee was so cute....Justin reaches out to you in 3D & she would try and grab him!!

She adores him even more now!

AND if I hadn't caught the FEVER by now then....I do now!!

After our fun time we headed to my Dad's birthday party!!!

Gotta Love my POPS!!! LOL
He's so great & it was good to see my very young 70 year old father on his birthday! He was just so happy today!

Then after dinner & family time, we came home to work on Valentine's!!
Here is Kaylee's box for school. She did it by herself...:)

These were her Valentine's to give to her class & family!

We even made some for Henlee to give to the family!

Now on to Valentines Day

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