Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet Ho, Ho,Ho!!

We went to see Santa on Saturday! We got there early to avoid the line & ended up being 1st!!
Kaylee had fun sitting in Santa's chair!! LOL

Of course Kaylee went first! She was kind of nerves for a second but Loved it!!

Enjoy The video of her....although I was a little delayed, Kaylee did ask for Ipod cases for Ipod!

Henlee was ready to go see Santa!! When we told him we were going to Santa he screamed "SANTA!!!!!" (guess he learned his real name, lol)

In the video Its like he didn't even skip a beat!! I was so proud of him!!
The Joy in his moment!!

Ky & Drake came with us!! They were so cute!! Little Ky asked for just a bouncy ball! :)

Drake asked for a camera!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

Oh I just love kaylee's photo poses! Henlee is turing into a little man! HO HO HO! pics ROCK!