Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twin Gender Reveal...

April 18th, we had a scheduled sonogram. This is me, at the doctors office. This sono was a little different than ones I have had. We didn't want to know the sex of the baby cause later that night we were having a Gender Reveal Party...That said I was really focused on that and having my doctor understand that we didn't want to know and we wanted him to write down the sex on a piece of paper. Which we would then seal in an envelope to give to Momma Brady.

The doctor  was quick to move on with the sono and put the device on my belly. His arm was blocking my view but Kaylee by my side could clearly see the screen. Kaylee said "is that two heads?" I replied, "no its the body", with a double take I said "is that two heads??" Indeed it was!!

After our doctor visit we continued to get ready for the Gender Reveal Party. When family arrived they were asked to pick one of the choices, a stache for boy and a tiara for girl!

Soon into the party we revealed that we were having not one baby, but two!! Guest were then told they could pick one more if they thought the genders would be different.

For the appetizers I did a Craving Bar, a choice of things I have been eating.
 Such as:
Cinnamon sugar bagels with strawberry smear
Black bean salsa
Ginger Ale
and Strawberry with Ice Cream

Sophia and Henlee both chose the opposite!

What The Brady family thought they would be.

Kinzy, Me and Sandra

My girl and I, Loving girls!!

Henlee with Grandpa Brady.

Some of the Bro Stache choices!

 The tiara choices!

 After all the picking and the eating we went outside for the reveal....
Momma Brady was at home when we gave her the sealed envelope, the paint in blue and pink with the bottles. She held onto them during the party and handed them to us when we got outside.
We had a canvas set up to spray the paint on to. Which ever color came out, was the sex of the babies...

It revealed all PINK!! Two beautiful GIRLS!!

The video reveal!!

The kids took their turn!

The pink canvas!!

Matt giving in to the reality of many girls and possibly needing a shot gun. LOL


tHEsIXpACK said...

I love this! I love you! I love that I get twin nieces! <--ya proud bragging aunt right here! So happy it all turned out as planned, except for the extra kid in the oven but hey do you ever do anything the normal way? I can't wait to meet those girls!

Cassie said...

What a cute idea, I love it all!