Thursday, March 29, 2012

Festival of Colors

The kids and I went to Wyoming to surprise Sandra and 'help' her pack. I say that cause I don't know how much help I really was! She was so shocked! She sat straight up in her bed! We had a good time, all playing Draw Something in the same room, going out to eat, kids rode bikes, made a craft and even played hide & seek in the dark! Which was fun! Henlee became an expert hider! Very quiet and wouldn't come out of his spot till you found him. But we headed home early Sunday morning to make the Festival of Colors.!
Henlee got a special "H" pancake made by Rod!

I had promised Kaylee that this year we would go, last year the days just passed so we missed it. I got home, got ready and we picked Jeana up to go. It was really packed! We managed to follow the crowd and parked when everyone else was. Who knew it was like 2 miles away! We made it and people were throwing chalk at you as you walked in!

Little Miss Kaylee wasn't very excited right when we walked in cause we didn't have anything to cover her mouth. Luckily we got something and I gave her my sunglasses, problem solved,
Right? Nope she still was not excited and kept asking to leave! I couldn't figure out her deal! Needless to say we didn't stay as long...
Henlee was the complete opposite. He loved it! He loved to throw things at anyone but mostly the girls!

He even would come up and smack the color on ya!
His hand print on my leg!

His tye dye hair

This is a video of him, loving to color people

We were happy that Jeana joined us! She liked it so much and loved to play around with Henlee!

Yep that's and my too small of shirt! LOL

 Nece and Kayley some how caught up with us in that big crowd! They shortly went into the big mass of people and we ended up leaving before we could see them again.

Kaylee finally smiled on our way out as she threw color at people who were on their way in!

Until Next Year!

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