Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoo Fun....

 We had a day at the Zoo before summer ended, I just managed to finally blog about it...
Tim & Nancy decided they wanted to take us & Drake & Ky to the Zoo!
The Zoo is cool, but even cooler when you go with the Copes family! They were so generous to provide the ticket in & our lunch!

So here is a take on the zoo from the version of the man behind the camera, Tim! Thanks for the photos brother!

Kaylee at the park in the zoo.

It was super hot & we were grateful for all the misters around that day!

Ha, look at all them measuring up!

I love pictures of people walking together! Look Aunt Nancy controlling the pack!
Kaylee Loved the baby monkey!

The dinosaurs were new to the zoo, this one in particular would shoot out water from its mouth & scare the kids at first!

It was great to spend the day together! Good times were had!

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