Tuesday, June 14, 2011

St. George....

Henlee & I headed to St. George to have fun & for me to make some money!

We went golfing with Shelby, Toree, & one of her friends. The cool thing about this one was it was all in black light, plus a different theme/puzzle with every hole!

Here at the beginning was the Statue of Liberty

Henlee LOVED the Spiderman on the wall!

This train was coming out of the wall & the horn was going!

How clever is this...The wall was a car painted but it had a bumper to sit on! Wouldn't this be fun to do in a boys room?!

The King!

The Beatles!

My favorite....The Eiffel Tower!

The Wizard of Oz

Another day we went to a spot we had been to previously this summer with Nece, Kayley, and Devin....but I got those pictures late so you can check those out by going back to a post called "Devin graduates"

Its a fun spot that you hike to & eventually come to the river. you can play in the water and even jump off the cliff!

Look at Toree go!

And Shelby!

Henlee splashing around!

Henlee played with Judy, Jordan, & Shelby quiet a bit! I worked for my sister a good amount of the time!

Here Henlee is playing baseball with Jordan!

I am so grateful that my family was able & willing to watch Henlee!

The money was needed!

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