Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sandra & Family...

I placed this post out of order.....
December 26-30th
The day after Christmas we got in the car & drove to Reno to see my sister Sandra & her family!
The weather was on our side for the most part!
Ours plans for Reno was to see my more, no less really.
One day we went shopping and to ride the biggest inside Ferris Wheel....

Kaylee went with Kenzie & Matt & I went together...Here we are stopped a the top!

A lot of Reno consisted of this.....notice EVERYONE doing some form of electronic usage! LOL

My little niece Sophie! Youngest one on the Despain side...about 5 months younger then Henlee

All the cousins!! An important picture to me...its been a long time since our kids were with the Ackroyd kids!

Kenz & I! I feel like I got to know her a little bit better this trip. She is so helpful in the household & such a nice, funny girl!

One thing about this can expect an AMAZING meal...all DAY!! LOL
Rod knows how to cook!!!!
It was like I walked into a restaurant every meal I had!!
Check out this cheesecake!!!!!
To DIE for!

We played games! Classic Monopoly, which I haven't played in years....

There was some "shady" dealing going on at this game though...

On our way out...the closest, younger age cousins together...SO CUTE!

Thanks sister and company for the great times that were had!!! We love you so much & are looking forward to see you guys again soon, we hope!

On our way home the temperatures were as low as 14 degrees...but of course my kids still wanted ice cream!! Anything to pass the time!

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