Sunday, October 24, 2010

The German Visit

Friday, October, 8-17
Well my sister Mindy had tried to keep a secret that she was coming out here to get her dog & see me! (LOL) BUT that didn't work, she caved & I couldn't have been more excited!!
Day one was pick up day!! It was such a long day waiting for her to come in, to top it off her flight got delayed!! :(
Kaylee, Henlee & I went to the airport, Kaylee thought every blond girl was her coming LOL!! It was such a great thing to watch her turn that corner!
On the previous post, you saw that her first night here we were at good ol' Chuck E Cheese and the next day was BYU day!!
After the parade we got ready for the BYU game!!! Good times were had at the game! I had fun being with my dad and my sister!! My dad even let us put paint on his face!! We danced, sang fight songs, & took pics!! I also got to teach some football!! Mindy & I are great about being able to be each others teachers. Its great to know that we value each others opinion & skills!!

Lookin Good at the "Y"!!

We managed to do a lot of errands & it felt like the car was our second home!! Lots of SHOPPING!! What else do girls do??

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not
ourselves-a special kind of double! Toni Morrison

A car moment with Jessi & Natasha!

We had a lot of hangout nights in our home! It was good to see her family & friends again! I was happy that she got to see them all!

Henlee Loves his "MIMI"....

We spent our time on the web cam with her kids & Seth in Germany, lots of talks, pictures :), & fun memories!

This is later at night.....our "Sexy" hair!! LOL

One night we went to a haunted house! I was nervous and wasn't sure about going, it had been years since I went to one!! BUT luckily for me it wasn't very scary. Others we disappointed about it though!

Gangster Mindy

On the last day of Mindy's vacation, we went with the Brady family to shop at the Garden Park for the Witch Fest! On one of the houses was this sign. Pretty cool history moment that some of us didn't know....Welcome to BRADYVILLE

The kids got some cute and fun things that Grandma picked out for them!

Kaylee has been Hula Hooping & getting really great at it! I thought it was cute that a witch was doing it...

Our last picture together while she was here. A surreal moment because I am not sure when we will see each other hope is that its not 2+ years!!!
Mindy, may you Know that I had a wonderful time making memories with you while you were here! Thanks for the German food, the laughter, the tears, the insane noise, the time spent with your friends & family, our 2nd home, our "fight" LOL, for bleeding Blue on my behalf, for the very same cold/blemish issues, mostly thanks for being who you are! :)

"Love is when two people know everything about each other and are still friends"!

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