Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My laptop is out of commission for now, so I havent been able to post. I will have to do updates soon!

Until then, some things that have been happening:

*Matt & I got to get away for a couple days, with zero kids & some of my sisters & friends. We went to Vegas for two nights!! Had a blast!! We missed our kids but were happy that Aunt Jeana offered to take care of them!

*Kaylee got a last minute flight to Kansas on July 31st. I took her to the airport for her 1st Solo plane ride!! She was very brave! We can't wait to see her smiling face on August the 17th!! Counting down the days!!!

*Henlee is now potty training!!! He just started telling us he needs to go "pee" and walking to the toilet! He is able to now go on the potty and stay dry all day. We are very happy for this new milestone, we defiantly didn't expect it to come this soon!

*We are continueing to hope & pray that my sister & her husband find some work! They are feeling the effects of the economy! May they recieve something soon!! Matt & I are reconizing even more how grateful we are that he has a job, so we have the means to just put food on the table, a roof over our heads, and just as simple, gas in the car. We often take for granted the everyday things! It really hit home for us! We will continue to support them in ways that we can!! Love you guys!!

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tHEsIXpACK said...

All I ever really want to say is "I miss you guys so much!" I'm so proud of H for being a big boy! Stay strong till Kaylee gets back I know the torture your in. We are greatful for our steady income... We've never had this and it feels weird. We'll keep your family in our prayers. Love you Drea!