Friday, June 11, 2010

Their Last Day...

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

We salute you!!


We are happy that they could have friends over & that they could stay with us!

German Brady's are now officially in German....We were happy that we had these last few months to spend with them! Its a time we will ALWAYS remember & it was a much needed make up time, for all the years we had been gone! I tried my hardest to spend all the time I could with them because I knew I wouldn't see them for a while....Those months flew by & the last week even faster!!! My hope is that we made memories...

My Friend....Thanks for everything, thanks for the memories, the laughter, the tears! May you know that these times were OURS & they were IMPORTANT to me...My hope, is that the "FUTURE" won't destroy US!!! Keep smiling! You deserve the WORLD!

P.S. So If I told you I loved your face would it make you come back??


tHEsIXpACK said...

You better not HOPE!.... we're TRUE, through and through girlie! "who's the faggot with the tuba?" I love YOU!!!!!! xoxo MUAH!

Jessi said...

I love you two! You're the cutest sisters EVER!!! Makes me want to be closer to my sister in laws :) I love this post! Andrea I am here.. just up the road.. Call me anytime! And I will do the same! I know we both miss that Mindy and will need each other! LOVE YOU MINDY!!!!! :)