Saturday, June 26, 2010

The River...

This video says it all but I posted pictures for printing purposes...

Devin & Jordan are good at Skimboarding! It was fun to watch them!

Kaylee enjoyed trying skim boarding....she mostly would run and just lay down on it!

Lovin Henlee's hair!! LOL

This picture of Kaylee is for our friends & family in Kansas & Germany!


Henlee loved having Jordan & Devin's help....when he was done he was SO proud of himself and would almost "strut" around!!

A small waterfall off the river. Jordan helped Kaylee, you can even go under and come out the other side!

We missed Matt, & sent him pictures of us, having fun!
We hope he can come out with us next time!


Cassie said...

That looks like so much fun!!

tHEsIXpACK said...

Love THE pic!! Kaylee skim boarding is awesome!!! lol and Henlee is one of a kind in some of the pics , made me laugh. Tell your daughter she's super missed!