Monday, April 19, 2010

Sister Visit!!!

Friday April 16, 2010
My Sister's from St. George & Sandra, from Reno came up to see all of us!!

Auntie Judy got busy with her camera and took some poses with my kids!

We went to lunch & shopping, exactly what sisters do!! Later that evening we went to Jeana's house for some dinner! YUMMY can I say!!

My Oldest sister....but you wouldn't be able to tell!! She is truly someone I look up to!!

A Precious Moment between a Grandma & Grandson

So Beautiful!! I was trying to teach Jody how to "pose"


It was good to see Sandra again!! We had a blast shopping and found great deals! Hope to be seeing her in May!!

It has been since my wedding that all of us were together!! We decided that a few pictures were in order!! There was about 5 cameras going at once so we didn't really know which one to look at. There were A TON of BLOOPERS!!!

A tradition we have as sisters...

We are only missing my brother David here.....its crazy how now we are here and our family can be together. Before, it seemed to be weddings & funerals only!!

Some of the Despain CREW!!

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THEsIxPaCk said...

Love the pics! your family is HUGE