Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Easter April 4th, 2010

Morning @ Grandparent Despain's home

Grandpa's Help!

Change of clothes and off to grandparent Brady's Home! We had lunch, got more treats, & played!!

We finished off Easter at the Despain's...the kids enjoyed the hunt!

They even hide them in the wheels of the car!

After the hunt we had a special moment for my sister Kimberly,
She passed away 11 years ago, on the 4th, also on Easter Sunday....

It was a bittersweet Easter for me....I loved being home around my family but I was defiantly missing Kimberly!!

Ha ha...my store bought, decorated Angel Food cake!

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THEsIxPaCk said...

those be some be some pimpin' berries ma! ...I loved the video! xoxo wuv you