Monday, March 29, 2010

We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments...

Our final "Going Out Party" was a Stoplight Party. Your suppose to wear the color that represents your relationship status; Red: Taken, Green: Single, and Yellow: It's Complicated!
In November I was in Amanda's wedding! We haven't known each other as long as some of the other girls, but she has become someone I truly am grateful to have in my life!! She is a strong person who deserves a lot! She has been someone I have laughed with, cried with, and I will miss her!
All the girls were taken...LOL

LOVE Him!!


Paula & Haley were both in my wedding, they have been my friends for years now, they have helped me so many times, cried with me, fought with me, laughed with me, They have been there for me!! I will miss them BUT know that they will ALWAYS be my closest friends


CaPtaiN MoChin

As you can see ONLY two of our friends are "single" ladies....

I know the picture quality is not that good, but I'm still learning to use my camera....It was all the different lighting in there....

Ironically, we went to this Bar & Grill, and got sat RIGHT at this table....Were a RANDOM picture of UTAH was!!

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THEsIxPaCk said...

the sign was a good omen that your going to be HAPPY here! =] ..LOL just sayin. Matt looks SOOOOOO much like seth in that last pic to the point I had to REALLY stare to find the "matt" differences I usually see. haha just sayin that too