Monday, December 28, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!!

We had a game night before Christmas for my birthday! It was super fun & I was really glad that my friends could come over!
Kaylee & I- She had a lot of fun playing the games
My BFF Paula!

Sean & I- Sean is doing the "Andrea" smile!!:)

Matt & I! ~LOVES ~

I attempted Twister, but gave up! Sean & Kaylee were troopers


Katie, who announced she is preggers that night! Can't wait!!!

We left the twister game out while we chatted and Henlee decided to join in! He loves to follow what others do now! That night he spent his time holding on to a bag of Doritoes and drinking from Katie's Wendys cup of Sprite!

My S. Sister:)

Silly Picture!

Uncle Sean & Kaylee playing a game !

My BFF Zachar
*Patrick Star*
As you can see I spent most of the night being the cameraWOMAN! But I still managed to be in almost every shot! Only I can accomplish something so AMAZING! Good times!

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THEsIxPaCk said...

AH LOVED the TWISTER pics! I wish I lived near you guys. :)